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P-001 NAVI now exhibiting Public Exhibition (Yamagata federation of small business association)

〒998-0018 Yamagata19-13, Izumicho, Sakatashi, Yamagata, Japan   TEL: +81-234351151

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Bad boys of static elimination and transport  White lightening "Tasukete! Coulomb"

Our product, Static electricity removal resin parts feeder, is born through the joint development with a major pneumatic equipment manufacturer which provides ionizer (joint patent pending). Please visit our booth for this occasion as we can provide a perfect product proposal for customers suffering from parts transportation due to static electricity to troubleshoot varieties of works.

Required co-creator / business partner

FA production system manufacturer, and companies exploiting the automatic machine

Enterprise information
Business guide
Since our foundation, we have dedicated to R&D, design, manufacturing and sales of parts feeders, and provided parts supply apparatus for the production machines at a Japan’s leading company. Our production technique of providing excellent products, and thorough follow up service after the provision of product drum up support from our customers.
Dealing structure
Prior to production, we perform confirmation test for the transport effect of static electricity removal of component part.