Stage program


Main Stage

A1 10:30~11:30 Capacity 200 People Place:EAST 7 Main stage

Keynote Create a new "Chain of Value" with the "Innovation of Meaning"

Mr.Manabu Akaike
Director at Universal Design Intelligence., inc.
"Design desired from now on is to scheme "Innovation of Meaning and Value", to build a "Supplementary-line being with Diverse Stakeholders", and to create a new "Chain of Value". I would like to think about the viewpoints and points for new value creation taking with "Sensibility value" and "Public benefit quality" as the keywords while introducing unique technology development, goods / facility development.
A2 12:00~13:00 Capacity 200 People Place:EAST 7 Main stage

Promotion of "Connected Industries" toward New Value Creation -Issues and Efforts in the Manufacturing Industry-

Mr.Shinji Tokumasu
In charge of Digital and Industrial Machinery Division, Director for Manufacturing Industries Bureau of METI
We put forward "Connected Industries" as the aim (concept) of Japanese industries this spring in order to be an industrial society in which new value-added is created through various connections. Toward the promotion of this "Connected Industries", I state hereinafter about the current issues and the direction of efforts in the Japanese manufacturing industry
A3 13:30~15:00 Capacity 200 People Place:EAST 7 Main stage

The era is open innovation - Co-creation and collaboration that makes use of each strength of SMEs and large enterprises to open up the era of science economy-

Panel Discussion

The importance of open innovation is rising while the science economy progresses where the existing innovation is transferring from "manufacturing model" to "solution" centered. Herein, we will deepen the discussion based on concrete examples on how to proceed with co-creation / cooperation making use of each strength of large enterprises and SMEs.

Mr.Kazuyuki Motohashi
Professor at Engineering-related study at the University of Tokyo
Mr.Masato Otsubo
K. K. Yuki Precision, President and Representative Director
Mr.Yasuhiro Take
dricos, Inc, Representative Director
Mr.Yuji Higuchi
Chief of office, Open Innovation of Technology strategy department at Osaka Gas K. K.
A4 15:30~16:30 Capacity 200 People Place:EAST 7 Main stage

Future agriculture and work way revolution that IoT, big data, and AI bring up.

Mr.Masayuki Hirafuji
Specially-appointed professor at Institute for Sustainable Agro-ecosystem Services, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo
Recent agricultural machinery can run automatically by RTK-GPS with maximum positioning error of 3 cm, it is already an agricultural robot. Though farming planning, cultivation management, breed improvement still require advanced and specialized brain work as usual, we are automatically constructing big data in sensor networks etc and are on the way of making a change such that AI can support and substitute that work. It will be the arrival of a 100-year-old society of “You can eat without working” from the hard and sever society of "He who does not work, neither shall he eat". We will take a look at how this changes business and living.

Sub Stage

AS-1 10:30~11:20 Capacity 50 People Place:EAST 8 Sub stage

Overseas expansion Future prospects of Japan-Taiwan Small and Medium Enterprise cooperation and Strategies for entering third-countries through cooperation between Japan and Taiwan companies

Mr. Wu, Director General from the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Econonmic Affairs(equivalent to Small and Medium Industry Agency of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) will explain the importance of Taiwan's SME policy and Japan-Taiwan collaboration. Mr. Weng Responsible official from Taiwan-Japan Industrial Collaboration Promotion Office, Institute for Information Industry will explain the strategy of entering the third country market through collaboration between Taiwan and Japanese companies based on "New Southbound Policy" promoted by Taiwan.

Mr.Ming-Ji Wu
Director General from Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Econonmic Affairs, Taiwan
Mr.Chien-I Weng
Responsible official from Taiwan-Japan Industrial Collaboration Promotion Office, Institute for Information Industry
AS2 11:30~12:20 Capacity 50 People Place:EAST 8 Sub stage

Overseas expansion Points of Success in expending into Vietnam - Platform for globalization at small and medium-sized enterprises, Making use of overseas advanced human resources -

Mr.Yutaka Takahashi
President and Representative Director at Ai Denshi Co., Ltd.
Based on the experience of our company's advance to Vietnam, we will explain the points of success in Vietnam, the points of caution about network construction and advancing to. In addition, we will explain the point of making use of the platform for establishing the base in Vietnam and the collaboration project with the local university.
AS3 12:50~13:50 Capacity 50 People Place:EAST 8 Sub stage

Overseas expansion On the occasion of overseas expansion: "4 Why" and "3 Ring"

Mr.Yasunori Kato
Globalization support advisor, the section of sales channels support, the department of sales channel support at Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN (SME Support, JAPAN)
On the occasion of overseas business expansion, we will dig down "4 Why" and image the end use and consumption scenes. Next, we check it against "3 wheels". Then, it is a start of preparation. I will introduce "I see" together with interwoven of many concrete examples.
AS4 14:00~14:50 Capacity 50 People Place:EAST 8 Sub stage

Intellectual property rights Intellectual property utilized in corporate management and the supporting measures by the Patent Office to SMEs

Mr.Tatsuya Takada
Expert officer to Industrial property rights, Information Dissemination and Policy Promotion Division at the Patent Office
In addition to the effect of intellectual property activities such as improvement of technology development capability, improvement of sales ability, and internal revitalization, success cases of SMEs' intellectual property activities, we introduce supporting measures of sending the expert officers and subsidies that the Patent Office is implementing for SMEs.
AS5 15:00~15:50 Capacity 50 People Place:EAST 8 Sub stage

Overseas expansion The latest investment · business environment in Vietnam

Mr.Hiroaki Yashiro
Expert Officer to Vietnam Foreign Investment Agency of Ministry of Planning and Investment at JICA
We provide the basic information from JICA experts dispatched to the Vietnamese Foreign Investment Authority as follows, on the latest investment and business environment in Vietnam, legal system topics, public and JICA business information, as well as politics and economics etc.