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Q-010 NAVI now exhibiting Incubation Exhibition (Creation Core Fukuoka)

〒818-0041 Fukuoka3-2-16-209-1.2, Kamikoga, Chikushinoshi, Fukuoka, Japan   TEL: +81-929247686

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It will protect your laundry from sudden rain, pollen, yellow sand, PM2.5, attention from the neighbors, bird’s dropping, etc.

”Magical Cover" the laundry drying cover comes with “water proof” to keep the laundry from the rain and “moisture permeability” for steam permeation. Simply putting the cover on top of the laundry will keep them from rain, pollen, yellow sand, PM 2.5, and attention from the neighbors (privacy), direct sun light, bird droppings, etc. while dying them without getting mushy.

Required co-creator / business partner

Distribution companies, wholesalers and retailers that are willing to sell magical cover

Enterprise information
Business guide
After served 3 decades for product development work at a major company, I have been running a design consignment business as a business owner for the past 15 years. In addition to our free imagination, rich amount of knowledge and know-how, our strength is the design fused with quality and costs of a major company. Meanwhile, we have developed our original items. “Magical cover” as our typical item was introduced through many TV information programs.
Dealing structure
We have the technological capabilities to perform planning and development of our original products

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