New Value Creation Exhibition 2017 - Introducing the exhibiting enterprises


Kawanishi Holdings, Inc

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S-402 Special Exhibition

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"Fixture" we created a hand that supports the surgical field. "Mikoto" "Life" Feeling robot, just like a human simulator.

"Fixture" helps to "hold, keep, pass" medical devices in a medical scene that you are so busy that you feel like to borrow a hand. "Mikoto" the simulator for medical education with realistic appearance, internal structure, biological reaction as if actually treating people, by utilizing this product, we aim for improvement of medical technology, realization of more secure and safe medical treatment.

Required co-creator / business partner

We look for a wide range of manufacturing/monozukuri companies, manufacture and sales enterprises, and supporting organizations.

Enterprise information
Business guide
We contribute to "Development of Medical Science" through business and are aiming to contribute to the extension of the healthy life of the people and maintenance of health. The Group consists of seven companies including ours, we support safety, safety and high quality medical care to medical institutions, research institutes of universities and companies, nursing care facilities, individuals by their expertise and functions, and provide a wide range of solutions.
Dealing structure
Setting up 2 full-time medicine-engineering collaboration staff, and we launched the Mikoto business department together with full-time staff.

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