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YAEGAKI Bio-industry, Inc.


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P-021 NAVI now exhibiting Public Exhibition (HIMEJI CITY)

〒679-4211 Hyogo681, Hayashidachomukudani, Himejishi, Hyogo, Japan   TEL: +81-792688074

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Beta chitin nanofiber

Beta chitin nanofiber

New biomaterials

We established a manufacturing method of β - chitin nano-fiber (NF) of 3-5 nm, which is the thinnest in natural origin from squid bones with fewer allergies. β-chitin NF is a hydrogel consisting only of chitin and water, and because of its biodegradability, it is expected to be used as a biomaterial such as medical materials and cosmetic materials.

Required co-creator / business partner

Research institutions such as universities, Medical material manufacturers, Cosmetics companies

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