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G-015 NAVI now exhibiting General Exhibition

〒331-0054 Saitama634, Shimane, Saitamashinishiku, Saitama, Japan   TEL: +81-486234065

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Lamps of luminescence in the dark night in the event of a disaster

Various products finished with screen printing on the phosphorescent material are displayed. "Color luminescent origami ? Japanese paper" which becomes the world's first healing of the mind. "Phosphorescent convex dot anti-slip seal" with wide range of use. "Yellow phosphorescent seal for the floor surface of underground mall" that is friendly to the visually impaired. Evacuation guidance sign of high brightness / long-term light emission. Luminescent civic living goods that protect their lives in case of emergency.

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Since the phosphorescent material is hard with metal powder and has a large particle diameter, screen printing can be applied only in printing. By accumulating the technology of screen printing for many years, we have performed phosphorescent printing on materials that are used everyday to realize high brightness and 12 hour light emission. In addition, we placed fluorescent materials in inks, made the world's first chromatic color phosphorescent ink, and opened up a new field that contributes to the healing of the heart.
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