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S-405 Special Exhibition

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A mouthpiece which hardly makes you feel sick up. Simultaneous alleviate is possible on both the burden onto the patient and the stress onto the doctor at the time of inserting the endoscope.

We specialize in medical equipment manufacturing business, manufacture and sales of medical equipment (Class II), and are certified with ISO 13485.
With rubber technology and flexibility cultivated up to date, we meet the needs of various medical fields.
For this exhibition, we exhibit here the mouthpieces registered as medical equipment which in collaboration with Tottori University we designed and overlay the 3D printer and mold at our own.

Required co-creator / business partner

Resin and rubber manufacturers who own medical device manufacturing business.

Enterprise information
Business guide
We are a the maker who is specialized in manufacturing industrial precision rubber parts. We have 3 factories in Japan and 2 factories overseas. We mainly produce equipment automotive relate, electronics related parts, and many parts related to hydro‐pneumatic. We locate 4 domestic and 2 overseas sales bases and also provide the service/work responding to customers' global development.
Dealing structure
Proposal of design and a trial making use of the strengths of rubber manufacturers for the needs.

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