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S&I Co., Ltd.

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S-208 Special Exhibition

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The vital point utilized AI Chatbot "hitTO" + Watson, "Learning data" is provided at service. Automation of human resources, general affairs / IT correspondence work!

We provide AI chatbot "hitTO" that utilizes IBM Watson and "learning data" indispensable for that, on a one-stop basis. For customers of the first time as well and for also those who can not draw out the effect of utilizing AI, we can work on automation of correspondence work with confidence. Moreover, by linking with "LINE WORKS" it is possible to realize a business environment with even higher productivity.

Required co-creator / business partner

Application development and sales company utilizing Watson API

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Since the establishment in 1987, we have been continuously providing for customers with the integration requested always, such as integration / individualization of ICT infrastructure at companies and data centers, system construction of contact centers, and application development. In recent years, we have focused on AI and big data analysis, and are expanding IT services from "transmission" of data to "utilization".
Dealing structure
Automated answering service is provided in 3 months. Providing paid trial.

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