New Value Creation Exhibition 2017 - Introducing the exhibiting enterprises


Shibuya Corporation


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I-031 NAVI now exhibiting General Exhibition

〒223-0056 Kanagawa514, Shinyoshidacho, Yokohamashikohokuku, Kanagawa, Japan   TEL: +81-455919195

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We realize huge cost down and reduce lead time by escaping the molding process.

We have our original technology of block material for test production. This block has 30% of glass plastic. Since it is very strong it is ideal as parts material. Although more glass percentage, usually more vulnerable the glass will be. So it is not good for test production. With our new technoloty, we skip the plastic molding to make test plastic block. It will be a big cost cutter and faster to finish the production.

Required co-creator / business partner

health care, automobile, building material related, bycicle related

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Very speedy decision making, strong combination of molding and casting which is important for integrated system