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Takaishi Industry


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〒567-0897 Osaka3-18, Arujiharacho, Ibarakishi, Osaka, Japan   TEL: +81-726323365

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Rubber packing using proprietary sliding material improves assembly performance! It also solves rubber sticking problem!

We provide rubber packing and O ring using sliding material. Compared to general materials, the sliding property of the surface is high, it is difficult to twist at product incorporation and grease is unnecessary. It also has an effect in preventing sticking. The prototype type is manufactured internally. Regardless of mass production type, we deliver high quality products in the shortest two weeks.

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Medical equipment manufacturers, industrial equipment manufacturers,

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We are a rubber packing manufacturer established in 1948. We conduct all our processes from blending to kneading, molding, finishing and inspection of materials, so that we deliver products of stable quality. Since we develop our own materials, we can provide them in accordnce with the application requested.
We use the (metal) mold for molding, so please leave us the packing requiring a metal mold!
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