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H-004 NAVI now exhibiting General Exhibition

〒322-0025 Tochigi3-8-33, Midoricho, Kanumashi, Tochigi, Japan   TEL: +81-289624141

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"Safety check"and "Mobile medical records"cell phone along with the peace of mind

"Safety check"and "Mobile medical records"cell phone along with the peace of mind

safety confirmation system at the time of disaster, health control at the normal time, emergency tool at the time of crisis

mobile medical chart for the situation like coming down with chronic disease outside of your home, being involved in an accident, emergency. You can inform your medical information or emergency contact number to the emergency technician or emergency hospital through your celluler phone, smart phone or IC card. It is useful to identify person with face, personal information and then lead to the quick, appropriate medical treatment. It can be used as drug history book.

Required co-creator / business partner

company which has a connection with local government, association.

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We try everything to please our costomers by always communicating and creating the joy and thrilling achievement. We have been in this business for 83 years. Our goal is to be the no.1 advertising agency in Tochigi prefecture as the dispatching information company. We also like to contribute to the society by keeping hearty atmosphere at the company with greeting, answering and tiding up. We are always community-based.
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