New Value Creation Exhibition 2017 - Introducing the exhibiting enterprises


Keio University Nozaki Lab.

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S-101 Special Exhibition

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Real haptic technology changes the world.

It can transmit visual, auditory and moving feelings; furthermore, it equips the world's first high-precision sense tactile force technology that, as a tactile transmission, the sense that the robot touched objects makes you feel as though you were touching it directly. This enables the operator to operate the robot with a high sense of reality even from a remote locations. It also makes it possible to automate the work taking much labor and time.

Required co-creator / business partner

High precision head mounted display, circuit design ? trial manufacture.

Enterprise information
Business guide
In a wide range of industrial fields, our mission is to make tactile force technology practical. For this purpose, we have completed the development of high-performance one-board core incorporating the world's highest level of force / tactile technology, and we are developing, with this technology equipped, the world's first double arm type general purpose robot arm capable of recording, editing and reproducing human motion, and a portable force haptic device.
Dealing structure
Implementing collaborative R & D applying the real haptic technology.

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