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ZONE / Prodigy Corp

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S-304 NAVI now exhibiting Special Exhibition

〒244-0816 Kanagawa1577-35 Togoshi, Shinagawaku, Tokyoto, Japan   TEL: +81-0458653639

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The Zone

The Zone

Jump into hyperspace and awaken super feeling!

It is "super sense" training pod, entering the whole body in an unknown virtual subspace surrounded by 360 ° video, enjoying vibration with 360 ° sound and vibrations, manipulating space with shaking your limbs. As its first step, you can enjoy "super sensory game"edition as well as "super sensory karaoke" edition.
Just choose the subspace (content) you want to get into, open the door with your hands and just get into it!

Required co-creator / business partner

Entertainment, Amusement, Advertising, Tourism, Education, Medical

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Towards the future of the 22nd century, we want people to recapture the spirit of challenge and the free heart when it spread from the birth of man to the world. Keeping in mind such thought, with the hint of the zone state, it is a company that cherishes freedom the most, trying to boost the potential for people to awaken the potential they have in themselves.
Dealing structure
We provide for starting from planning, development, to commercialization of hardware, system contents.

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