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P-021 NAVI now exhibiting Public Exhibition (HIMEJI CITY)

〒671-1235 Hyogo250, Aboshikukitashinzaike, Himejishi, Hyogo, Japan   TEL: +81-792745411

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Not "Rubbing hair scrub" foam shampoo & Foam treatment with "Oil content 90% cut".

It is a new technique of shampoo dispensing that produces fine bubbles with one push, and the treatment that comes with foam as well. (Regarding contents and exclusive containers, a patent is pending.) Since rubbing the hair with each other whisks conventional shampoo, it causes "scratches on the hair". Shampoo that comes out with bubbles does not need to be rubbed together, so you can greatly reduce damage due to shampooing. Treatments used after shampooing are generally creamy, but foam type ones are the first in the industry. Compared to creamy treatments, "oil content 90% reduction" is achieved, and ultimate fluffy finish is realized. In addition, it is also characterized by high repair and moisturizing power, because active ingredient reaches the interior of hair by penetration force making use of the foam characteristics.

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