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I-030 NAVI now exhibiting General Exhibition

〒145-0071 Tokyo105 Apartment KAYA Denenchofu , 2-42-5, Denenchofu, Otaku, Tokyo, Japan   TEL: +81-337213585

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E-ticket that can be bought by the person him/herself with his/her own voice at any where in the world.

The concept of KOEPASS is to provide an equal opportunity to the benefit eligible person by confirming the identity with a voiceprint recognition which does not involve with a special device.
Regarding the transferring/forgery issues of ticket, they will be resolved when it is used by the purchaser him/herself only.
By cooperating with an external system, it can be widely used as a ID check platform.

Required co-creator / business partner

Companies that require ID check

Enterprise information
Business guide
Mintomo is a company that designs and realizes interesting devices and easy to use UI.We design and implement interesting devices and easy to use UI by incorporating plays and knowledge of video games. By designing an interesting device which is easy and fun for users who are not good at using PC, we develop software one can continue using naturally
Dealing structure
Integrated system including planning, design, development, maintenance, and delivery.