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S-602 NAVI now exhibiting Special Exhibition

〒520-0801 Shiga8F Optecs bldg. 4-7-5 Nionohama, Otsushi, Shigaken, Japan   TEL: +81-0775262101

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"Rendering visible" of what you can not see. It makes sharpen the images that are hardly to see such as at nighttime ? in a bad weather ? at far site ? with back light and so on.

It automatically adapts to all situations such as low illuminance, backlight, fog and haze, so that it is possible to get high accuracy of surveillance task from the moment of installation. In addition, all of the exhibited products conform to CE, FF - 100HM also passed strict compatibility test by HDMI certification body.

Required co-creator / business partner

Enterprises who are involved in video surveillance, image analysis, and so on.

Enterprise information
Business guide
ZENIC Inc. was established in Shiga prefecture in 1985, near the Japan's largest lake "Lake Biwa". The main business is contract development of electronic equipment, and we have been dealing with many cases such as development of liquid crystal control IC for mobile phone and F / A inspection system. We recently also develop and sell the real-time image sharp unit equipped with our proprietary technology.
Dealing structure
We are able to respond to various customization in accordance with customers' request.

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