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Wireless Communication Laboratory,Inc


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〒182-0026 Tokyo318 UEC Alliance center , 1-1-1, Kojimacho, Chofushi, Tokyo, Japan   TEL: +81-424444794

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Analyze changes in body temperature, respiration, pulse rate etc. of the elderly with no load or no invasion It is the industry's first "health watch AI robot".

Speech recognition technology and various vital sensors are installed. Japanese recognition / speech synthesis, image recognition ? Microwave sensor realizes sophisticated health watching. From rising respiration, pulse, change in body movement, get up and off the floor. Evaluate everyday health condition by analyzing sleep data.

Required co-creator / business partner

Sales agents, trading companies, medical and welfare agencies who specializing in medical and nursing care equipment.

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In January 2002, our company was established as No. 1 venture company from the University of Electro-Communications and developed the high precision indoor position detection technology etc. ahead of other companies. Currently, we combine low-power wireless networks with existing information communication technologies and develop and sell wireless sensor network systems mainly in the environment and healthcare fields.
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