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P-001 NAVI now exhibiting Public Exhibition (Yamagata federation of small business association)

〒101-0021 Tokyo7F O.K bldg. , 5-5-10, Sotokanda, Chiyodaku, Tokyo, Japan   TEL: +81-368060200

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Low-lite camera module for Ultra Small Satellite Application "WAT-078H"

Low-lite camera  module for Ultra Small Satellite Application "WAT-078H"

Customizable high-sensitivity camera module for space

We list mainly HD-SDI camera, USB 2.0 small camera, high-sensitivity camera, etc. which optimizes the camera module for assembly purposes.
All products are manufactured at our factory, and we accommodate customers' request for customization as well.

Required co-creator / business partner

Small satellite development company/ Manufacturer of respective measurement devices

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An industrial camera manufacture which develops, manufactures, and sells CCD/CMOS camera since its establishment in 1987. The purpose of the use of the camera widely varies with its proven track records of delivery to over 60 countries worldwide. Established its base in Tokyo in 2014, and proceeds to launch their business into the cutting-edge industry which includes artificial satellite, automatic motorist, etc.
Dealing structure
Customization is available with a small lot by exploiting our design asset.

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