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Autonomous Decentralized Bearing

Autonomous Decentralized Bearing

Over 500 years of revolution in the bearing history. ABD the Ultra-low friction bearing with no slippage will resolve the lubrication issues.

"How come the bearing's rust measure and stainless steel's effect are not so good?"
It is because the true cause is "wear and friction".
ADB the autonomous distributed system has resolved the issue with a dramatic rust improvement. By resolving the root cause of our customer's bearing troubles, we will open a lead against our competitors.

Required co-creator / business partner

Bearing users who face defect issues, or wish to differentiate their products

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7 cases of basic patent including US and China have been registered! Through our generation of valuable patents, we will contribute to promote the technological innovation and reasonable formation of the patent distribution market.
Dealing structure
Prototyping is available from a minimum bearing quantity of 1.