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I-171 NAVI now exhibiting General Exhibition

〒486-0807 Aichi4-8-10, Odecho, Kasugaishi, Aichi, Japan   TEL: +81-568352001

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"zero-clear" can wash out any dirt only with water, "zen" will improve the safeness of overhead crane inside the factory

"zero clear" is hydrophilic inorganic paint coating- antifouling property, anti-scrutch property, eco-friendly, heat-resistance, anti-bacterial effectiveness, anti-fogging property. "zen" is overhead crane controller and it has only one buttons (not four buttons for typical crane). It is highly operative and safe.

Required co-creator / business partner

general contractor, food industry, building component manufacturer, crane manufacturer

Enterprise information
Business guide
We are entrepreneurial venture in Aichi prefecture which was establised in 2000. We are trying to return the favor to our country and society which have been helping us to produce amazing product and services. Our business motto is "return the favor" and "activate with good action"
Dealing structure
We correspond to research, development and test production for new products