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MMMek Inc.

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S-306 NAVI now exhibiting Special Exhibition

〒150-0031 Tokyo803 Shinnanpeidai Mantion 24-8 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuyaku, Tokyoto, Japan   TEL: +81-0364551951

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With projection mapping plus AR, we expand the information You want to see!

By performing projection mapping to boxes and buildings, that itself also makes various extended expressions. However, the image can be expressed only in the range of a box or a building. You can add an AR expression there by looking through the camera lens (by looking at the smartphone or tablet). By doing so, go outside the area of the projection mapping Video and information can be expanded and displayed. Beyond the breadth of monotonous representation of the previous projection mapping, since it can convey information, there is a possibility to be used for various purposes.

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"MMM image space" combines the daily evolving digital image and technology, it is a space rendering production that sublimates the existing space to the experience type visual space. With projection mapping and KINECT, LED ball which is the only technology in Japan, video operation of live / event using 3D graphics and state-of-the-art equipment, visual promotion production of brand / store, etc., various problems in the world, we respond to client's production needs.
Dealing structure
Please describe the advantage in terms of features and price, excellent points, not available in other companies, and user benefits.
We provide the proposition and production of custom-made contents tailored to customer's request.

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