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Nishida Seikan


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G-031 NAVI now exhibiting General Exhibition

〒613-0036 Kyoto140, Tai, Kusegunkumiyamacho, Kyoto, Japan   TEL: +81-774435394

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large-size returnable folding container which is toally new logistics system

Our big-size returnable folding container will reduce the cost greatly in the logistics service industry where the environment concern is high. We offer and design the original product according to each purposes. We also offer emergency supplies to use as the measure of BCP

Required co-creator / business partner

logistics service provider

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We have been in this business for 63 years and always have had "Trust comes first" "Status quo means fallback" as our business philosophy. With this in our mind, we have been offering new style of packing and shipping material. We have our original emergency supplies using our particular technology and sell those supplies.
Dealing structure
we have a special staff in sales section for new customers