New Value Creation Exhibition 2017 - Introducing the exhibiting enterprises


Kabuku Inc.

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S-104 NAVI now exhibiting Special Exhibition

〒160-0022 Tokyo1F Watabishi bldg. 5-17-17 Shinjuku, Shinjukuku, Tokyoto, Japan   TEL: +81-0363802750

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Realization of "making" from "creating", a new type of monozukuri/creation.

We exhibit the prototypes of the world-largest-class moulded objects made with using 3D printing technology.
The case examples of mass customization are to be exhibited,as well. Please do not hesitate to drop in.

Required co-creator / business partner

Focusing on vehicle manufacturers, companies that want to develop products using 3D printers.

Enterprise information
Business guide
From "creating" to "making", support for making attractive products!
Co-creative monozukuri manufacturing solution that utilizes Kabuku factory network, from product planning and designing to digital manufacturing such as 3D printing and cutting. With higher accuracy of planning and designing, shorten development period, and realizing cost reduction, we support you with creating/monozukuri attractive product with one stop.
Dealing structure
? Support for from prototypes and special order to mass production.
? We respond to a series of product development of from market research, design-proposal, designing proposal, and to final mockup creation.

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