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G-017 NAVI now exhibiting General Exhibition

〒321-0962 Tochigi170-4, Imaizumicho, Utsunomiyashi, Tochigi, Japan   TEL: +81-286210171

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Fixed without ceasing, Unwind without cutting, Easy operation to make rope installation more efficient

It has received the Director General of Japan Police Agency Award in FY2015. Patents filed. You do not need difficult rope work. Because no force is required, even a woman can easily fix, extend and release the rope. Various custom-made production according to your use is also possible. Please do it by all means!

Required co-creator / business partner

Companies that design and assemble press dies

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We utilize the technologies and know-how cultivated over many years in precision metal press parts related to automobiles and housing materials for copper plates, etc. to respond to customers' requests in a consistent system from the design stage to assembly and packaging. In recent years, we received a wide variety of voices from customers "Can you make such things?" We are doing product development and research that is not bound by genre and material.
Dealing structure
It corresponds also to prototype production. Trial production corresponding to one unit.

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