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G-014 NAVI now exhibiting General Exhibition

〒329-1571 Tochigi1991-9, Kataoka, Yaitashi, Tochigi, Japan   TEL: +81-287537822

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The Future Ark (undergroundshelter・groundshelter)

The Future Ark (undergroundshelter・groundshelter)

For the future of children!

We have obtained ISO quality management 9001 certification. It is a "nuclear shelter" in which demand is rapidly increasing while the number of domestic manufacturing companies are few, as it is today. Please visit our robust shelter with a full advantage of our technologies, which that have been involved in various construction for a long time, as reinforcement construction specialists.

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A company that designs and develops air conditioning, a door manufacturing company.

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Our company is mainly provide reinforcement construction in general. In addition, simplifying the assembly of reinforcing bars called FRIP fixing method, construction management adopts a simple construction method, shortening the construction period and reducing the risk of disaster. We continue to be a company that leads the growth of industry and youth by incorporating support for acquiring national qualifications through our unique human resource development program.
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