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H-019 NAVI now exhibiting General Exhibition

〒651-2241 Hyogo2-2-7, Murotani, Kobeshinishiku, Hyogo, Japan   TEL: +81-789914477

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COP resin micro flow paths with a groove width of a few μm to several tens of μm are possible with bonding technology. Multiple packaging for CPC facility is also available.

We develop our own brand "Watson" primarily in the manufacture of laboratory chemicals by plastic injection molding. We stick to domestic production in order to provide safe and safe products, and we produce products in clean rooms that are well managed. In particular, we are specializing in the development of products for biotechnology and microfabrication technology, and we are exhibiting products applying said technology.

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Equipment makers or trading companies in the field of life science.

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Research on microorganisms, cells, DNA, proteins, blood, etc. with two pillars of plastic microfabrication technology capable of mass production of several tens of micrometers in size and product development know-how specialized in fundamental research in the state-of-the-art life science and medical fields, We are developing indispensable laboratory equipment. We respond to custom made custom products and joint development from planning and design to mass production.
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