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I-034 NAVI now exhibiting General Exhibition

〒634-0836 Nara376-1, Shindocho, Kashiharashi, Nara, Japan   TEL: +81-744239160

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Photomask, Metal Etching, Circuit Board, Metal Crafts

Photomask, Metal Etching, Circuit Board, Metal Crafts

specialist of photo lithography

smooth photomask of high accuracy which is made by newest drawing device. We display transportation fixing device which are used by device manufacturers. Foundation for communication industry. Our products are used by many other industries and purposes. We offer total service from pre-processing to post-processing.

Required co-creator / business partner

semiconductor manufacturer, device manufacturer

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We are good at metal etching processing, photomask manufacturing, and circuit board manufacturing. Many industies are using our precision processing products. We are also pursuing future generation products (IOT) and always try to satisfy our customers.
Dealing structure
We can correspond to from test porcuttion of 1 piece to mass production.

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