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Hoshobousui Industry


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Rooftop Waterproofing Air Control

Rooftop Waterproofing Air Control

breathing waterproofing - for longer life of building and better condition of inner space starting from the roof

breathing waterproofing "air conyrol system of rooftop waterproofing" We make the layer of ventilation inside the waterproofing tank on the rooftop, and circulate the air through aeration tube and solar powered fan and absorb heat and water which are accumulated. It is the innovative system which is made by industry-university joint research and is registered at NETIS. It can be used for newly built building and old building both. It will prolong the life of building and also make better condition inside the room.

Required co-creator / business partner

company which is developing and researching for building industry and building material

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We are developing the system for future use and try to offer and construct the most appropriate system for each project considering the character of the building, present condition, and at the same time taking care of environmental condition. With our long experience from construction site, we are developing and researching about longer-life of building, energy-saving, re-cycling as a member of Japan waterproofing system development counsil together with 19 fellow members.
Dealing structure
After we consult the real site, we will get back with the quatation and the best construction system