New Value Creation Exhibition 2017 - Introducing the exhibiting enterprises


Chiba University Center for Frontier Medical Engineering

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S-408 Special Exhibition

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Based on "intraoperative information measurement, analysis, presentation technology and robot technology", we aim to create next-generation clinical support technology.

We introduce robot engineering and ICT-based surgical assistance technology which we are conducting research in our laboratory. In addition, we are planning to introduce surgical technique training equipment and materials that have been commercialized through collaboration with small and medium enterprises in the Kanto area, a wearable chair to improve the work environment of medical staff , and introduce our medical and industrial collaboration system that produces these.

Required co-creator / business partner

Medical device manufacture/sales enterprises, manufacturing enterprises, and manufacturing business that are under the consideration of entering the medical device market.

Enterprise information
Business guide
The Center is a research institute of medical engineering beyond the boundaries of medicine and engineering that made full use of the strengths of the university as well as an organization that works with other research institutions, companies, municipalities, etc. for the purpose of implementing and returning research results at an early stage through technology transfer and commercialization. In addition, we also work on fostering human resources such as the Faculty of Engineering and Graduate School who are in charge of teaching at and support the future medical equipment industry.
Dealing structure
Collaborative research from small themes, technical guidance, collaboration support with medical institutions

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