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〒500-8185 Gifu4-24, Motomachi, Gifushi, Gifu, Japan   TEL: +81-582636381

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Medical simulator・Medical equipment parts

Medical simulator・Medical equipment parts

medical simulator of multi-layer structure based on the biometric data and medical device parts which uses the biocompatible material

We display medical simulator which uses the low hardness material that is difficult to mold among the materials such as elastomer, urethane. You can experience the simulator which is very similar to the human body. The quality of our product is based on the evidence which obtainde by co-research with government-academia program. We are supposed to have ISO13485 approved this autumn. We have some processed products which are medical-level.

Required co-creator / business partner

medical device manufacturer, robot manufacturer, health care equipment manufacturer

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Business guide
We are specialized in the processing of soft material and correspond to the test production to bulk production. We have treated many materials which has biocompatibility. After we have ISO13485 approved this autumn, we plan to have bulk production orders for medical device parts used in clean room. We are engaging in co-research with government-academia program. We have good feedback about the artificial organ which was made on the biometric data.
Dealing structure
We correspond to the selection of material to molding in integrated systen. We correspond to the test production and bulk production.