New Value Creation Exhibition 2017 - Introducing the exhibiting enterprises


National Research institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience

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S-603 Special Exhibition

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Conversion from "defense" of "disaster prevention" to "offense" of disaster prevention.

It is an urgent matter to develop early prediction technology for intensified abnormal weather disasters for recent years.
With the core of early prediction technology for meteorological disasters, which is promoting research and development, we incorporate the next generation sensing technology, IoT information technology, and risk communication and realize social implementation of predictive information systems according to regional characteristics and user needs by close cooperation with each stakeholder.

Required co-creator / business partner

Corporate bodies and so on that agree to the purpose and business of the consortium.

Enterprise information
Business guide
It is the introduction of Innovation Center for Meteorological Disaster Mitigation which is aiming at implementing social research results by integrating human resources, information and technology of industry, academia and government, systematization of meteorological disaster prediction information system, performance evaluation and standardization of measurement technology related to disaster prevention, etc. In addition to those business, we introduce about the Meteorological Disaster Mitigation consortium which is under recruitment at this exhibition.
Dealing structure
We are recruiting members for 'Meteorological Disaster Mitigation Consortium'.

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