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Usuda Research Institute & Systems


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I-054 NAVI now exhibiting General Exhibition

〒108-0073 Tokyo3-3-12, Mita, Minatoku, Tokyo, Japan   TEL: +81-354434125

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IoT robot sensor with the world's best 24 axis "U-BRAIN RS-01v2"

It visualizes and control the position and orientation, etc. of the man and machine in the three dimentional space. It realizes an integrated batch control and measurement management by combining 24 axis (gyro 3, atmospheric pressure 1, acceleration 6, terrestrial magnetism 3, light 1, sound 1, temperature 3, humidity 1, touch 5) and wireless. It can signal fast and easily because it is farmly implemented the patented technology in the CPU.

Required co-creator / business partner

actual proof field, user of sensor / corporation who introduces customer base and application

Enterprise information
Business guide
We have applied for more than 40 cases while we were working for SONY since 2002. At the establishment of this company, we have obtained the ordinary license and sub-license rights of 19 patents. Our big advantage is the ability to develop own business strategy because we do not need to depend on the other company for development, technology and licensing rights when we will sell and provide our products and technology to our customers.
Dealing structure
We correspond to vertical development of various sensor of hard and middle and/or application

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