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I-112 NAVI now exhibiting General Exhibition

〒252-0001 Kanagawa4-27-7, Sagamigaoka, Zamashi, Kanagawa, Japan   TEL: +81-462565875

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1.Surface Reforming Technology, 2.High Velocity Oxy-Fuel

1.Surface Reforming Technology, 2.High Velocity Oxy-Fuel

(1) Innovative surface improvement processing unlike coating; (2) Highest standard of ultra corrosion resistance has been realized.

We introduce a coating which forms an extremely delicate and high adhesiveness by the surface improvement processing and high velocity flame spray process which forms micro-dimple on a metal surface texture. We list a SRET (surface improvement) processed screw for each issue of contamination, gas, etc. and a HVOF (spraying) processing screw for resolving corrosion and wear.

Required co-creator / business partner

Food manufacturing company, production of automobile parts

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We design and manufacture precision mold for connectors. While assembly of metal mold or short-term parts processing are performed internally, we also request cooperating companies in and out of the country for parts production. Another feature is that we can propose surface quality improvement for metal parts and plasticized parts . We receive good reputations from customers who are having troubles with adhesiveness and contaminations.
Dealing structure
R&D type of prototype production is also available. A single item prototyping is also available.

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