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G-008 NAVI now exhibiting General Exhibition

〒417-0841 Shizuoka328, Fujioka, Fujishi, Shizuoka, Japan   TEL: +81-545340285

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Prepare for water outage Relief Bokutan- kun, Tankun is the closest water source.

We produce an emergency drinking water tank. We have acquired the Japan Water Supply Association Certification Registration Z-379. It is a sealed tank which connects to the tap water way and receives it; Every time you use water at the distribution destination, replace it with fresh tap water; you can store the water without increasing the water charge separately; At this time, we exhibit a tank where usual water comes out with twist of emergency drinking water takeout fauce, at the time of water cut off.

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Welding robot manufacturer

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With over 50 years of experience and technology and response capabilities that have been demanded by major general contractors and renowned architects to respond to the construction and construction of impossibly difficult construction work, we contribute to disaster prevention and disaster prevention through "Manufacture of" Tap water circulation type emergency drinking water tank "that delivers peace of mind to the water supply.
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