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〒587-0065 Osaka21-1, Kodera, Sakaishimiharaku, Osaka, Japan   TEL: +81-723633056

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Polus cast iron RASK

Polus cast iron RASK

Hard and binding material can make the effective countermeasure for vibration noise

porous cast iron RASK has vibrational absorption ability as rubber and even better at certain environmental condition. This material does not deflect and it can keep the libration damping abillity even under loaded. By using this type of material effectively, we can countermeasure the impact vibration and nano-level vibration. When it is used as parts, we can improve the degree of precision and speed performance of processing.

Required co-creator / business partner

manufacturing corporation who develops the products using RASK, suisaku technology

Enterprise information
Business guide
countermeasure of vibration noise to improve the productivity and speed performance and reduce the loss of factory and machines/manufacture and sales of material products such as antenna element or projector screen which is derived by RASK.
Dealing structure
research, plan for countermeasure, production of countermeasure products in integrated system