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H-035 NAVI now exhibiting General Exhibition

〒959-1286 Niigata1414-1, Koseki, Tsubameshi, Niigata, Japan   TEL: +81-256616215

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This device removes the smell and has sterilization effect with no need for changing filter to ruppot the working environment.

We thought that the existing air activation instrument can contribute to the workers at medical and nursing industries. With this in our mind, we developed the recovery tank for excrement. We are sure that the user can feel the high function and maintainability.

Required co-creator / business partner

corporation who sell medical device and nursing care device

Enterprise information
Business guide
We have been engaging in the integrated production of devices, mainly the assemblying of metal processing. Recently, there are more domestic demands for drawing which were outsourced to foreign coutries for long time and we are focusing more in drawing. We have expert technician of electrical control which is rare for the metal processing corporation to be albe to do the production in integrated system from designing to production. We are tuckling the new product development aggresively by pursuing new category.
Dealing structure
We can correspond to the test production to bulk production of palm size to large size